Friends in family

“Hi mom” Steven said after he finally got connected with her on skype.
“Hi son” She said mischievously seeming to put special emphasis on the ‘son’.
“What did you want then mom?” Steven asked slightly impatient to get back to playing pool with his friends having just spoken to his mom only an hour ago.
“Just wanted to speak to my favorite boy” she responded again putting special emphasis on the ‘boy.
“Mom are you okay?” Steven asked noticing his mom’s weird behavior.
“Oh I’m great” She responded happily “You been making lots of uni friends then?” She continued.
“Eh mom we literally just spoke about this. Why you acting so weird?” Steven asked.
“I’m not. Just worried that my little boy is going to go to university and forget all about his friends back home” She said pulling a sad face.
“I don’t think I’ll do that I have a lot of fun with those guys” Steven answered this time a mischievous smile spread across his face.
“Oh we know we do don’t we James” Steven’s mom said then look to her left as a girl entered the screen wearing only her birthday suit her large boobs swinging freely in the air. She strutted up to Stevens mom swaying her hips with every step. Meanwhile Steven’s eyes went wide with shock. “We’re having a great time” his mom laughed then turning around to hug the naked girl as the two laughed. “What the fuck. Get out of my family!” Steven piped up. Steven’s mom and the girl, Stevens sister, stared at the screen laughing in hysterics as Steven’s face melted in front of them. “Why the fuck are you in my family?!” Steven asked growing in agitation as he stared at the screen at his two best friends Tim and James inside the bodies of his mom and sister. “We just came for some fun” James said in Steven’s sisters most innocent of voices. “For fucks sake. At least cover my sister’s boobs” Steven demanded. “Why did you have to ring me?” He asked.
“We wanted to see how our favorite Steve was doing” Tim replied.
“For fucks sake guys. This isn’t okay. Just do whatever you’re gonna do and get out. This is not okay” Steven stated matter-of-factly.
“Ah but yet it was okay when it was my mom?” James said titling his head giving Steven a knowing look.
“Erh” Steven groaned hoping that he would have forgotten that. “Fine you can do it this one time but after that no more and don’t go out and have sex they both have men. Okay?” Steven told his friends.
“Okay. Will do” Steven heard his friends say before suddenly they hung up on him.
“Bye” Steven said to a blank screen before sinking back into his seat and thinking about the shit that his friends would be doing tonight. Half of him was envious of the good time they’d be having and half of him worried as to whose expense that good time was. He was slightly beginning to regret the decision to come to university. But he couldn’t just spend every living day enjoying the luxuries of other peoples bodies. Or could he?


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