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I couldn’t believe Emily was almost naked. And best of all standing right infront of me asking for sex. It was hard to believe just two hours ago she was my best friend Tom. Her first reaction was denial, she even kicked me in the nuts and ran away. Read more

Watch Your Words with Witches?

“I’ll be your treat, if you trick yourself to me,” I said to a girl at a party. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said it that way, but I was very drunk, and it was a wild Halloween part.
“Okay,” the girl said. “I warn you though, you may not like the trick.” She grabbed me by the hand, and led me to a bedroom, pushing me down on the bed.
Something seemed to fog up for a moment, and then I woke up. I tried to move, but I found myself tied in place. I looked down, and all around me to see pumpkins seeming to watch me, with lewd expressions carved into their faces. Looking down I noticed that I now had a female body, especially right where it counts. I had somehow become impaled on the wide stem of a pumpkin. It felt so good I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.
I looked forward and gasped.
My former body stood in front of me.
“My trick is to turn you into my body,” (s)he said. “My treat is that you’re about to give yourself to me…”

Come on man!

“Come on man!!! What are you doing?!? Are you really coming in me?!?” Max yelled “Now I’m going to be stuck like this!!! What the fuck is your problem?”
“How did you think this would end Max?” Greg asked laughing a little “Besides you should have seen your face this whole time. You love taking this huge cock.”
Max began to panic. “But this was just supposed to embarrass my sister. That’s why I brewed that potion to look like her, that’s why we set up this live stream so the world would…” Max trailed off as he realized the camera was still on and the internet was still tuned in to she the show. Max tried to reach for the camera but Greg grabbed him and held him down right in front of the camera.
“Say hi to the camera Maxi. The world now knows you’re not Melissa, your more of a twin sister. A slutty twin sister.” Greg laughed again. “You see Max, where you went wrong is when you asked me to help you with this little plan. I get it, she humiliated you when she posted pictures of your tiny johnson online, but I’m her boyfriend Max. Did you really think I wouldn’t tell her? Well now you are going to be my little sex slave and do you know why?”
Max was starting to cry a little as he shook his head.
“Well it’s very simple, the camera is not streaming its recording.” Greg whispered in his ear.
For a minute Max was so relieved he actually smiled and looked up at Greg.
“If you ever disappoint me though I’ll show the world.”
Max felt his stomach drop as the weight of that statement sank in.
“Go get cleaned up” Greg said getting off Max finally “We are going to have a long night.”

That Damn Genie Pt 1

Jennifer Lawrence had it all. Fame, fortune, beauty, and a well regarded reputation as a Hollywood actress. However, there’s one secret about her only one other person knows. She’s not the real Jennifer Lawrence.
Three years ago, Carlos was a sophomore in high school unsatisfied with how his life was. No one respected him, and was often ignored by his classmates. He wished for a life in which people would admire him and respect him for what he was.
One day, he found a rusty silver lamp abandoned on the side of the street on his way home from school. He took it with him, thinking it was antique, and tried cleaning it in his room when blue smoke poured from the lamp, forming a beautiful woman in blue cleavage.
“I am the genie of the lamp,” she said, “For freeing me from my prison, I will grant you three wishes, but choose your words wisely.”
Carlos found himself lost with words at the sight of the genie, “This has to be a dream.”
“I can assure you my master that you are not dreaming.” she said.
Carlos couldn’t think of a wish at first, but when he laid his eyes on Jennifer Lawrence on a ‘Hunger Games’ poster, his mouth smirked with excitement.
“My first wish is to be ‘up close and personal’ with Jennifer Lawrence!” The genie waved her hand and blue smoke surrounded her master. When the smoke cleared, Carlos found himself leaning against a tree wearing a nightgown, with long wavy blonde hair in his vision, and a pair of breasts on his chest.
“What the fuck?!” he yelled with Jennifer’s voice, “This is NOT what I had in mind! Where’s that damn genie?”