Foreign store

I entered a store I had never seen before at the mall. It had all kinds of foreign items. Any culture you could think of, they had something. Sombreros, Kitsune masks, even a ushanka-hat. I looked around, I wanted to buy something for my girlfriend, I wasn’t sure what, but I knew she liked masks. So I picked up the Kitsune mask, looking for a price tag. But something caught my eye, from inside the mask, I could see something bright coming out of its eye sockets. As a reflex, I put the mask on, I don’t know what I expected to see. But everything changed at that moment.

I didn’t even feel a thing. It was instantaneous. Through the mask I was looking at a man, he seemed familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on where had I seen him before. I took the mask off to take a better look at him. I realized I was in a whole different place. I could feel makeup on my face. My breasts being gently touched by my dress. I said “oh, hello there” without realizing I had spoken in japanese. When I remembered the man infront of me was my husband, I smiled. I grabbed his hand, asked him to buy me this mask, and take me home.

On our way home, I started thinking about my past life, and how sad would my girlfriend would be when she finds out I disappeared. But by looking at my husband again, my worries faded away. I was eager to get home, I wanted to have sex with him, and hopefully, this time I would get pregnant.


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