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Foreign store

I entered a store I had never seen before at the mall. It had all kinds of foreign items. Any culture you could think of, they had something. Sombreros, Kitsune masks, even a ushanka-hat. I looked around, I wanted to buy something for my girlfriend, I wasn’t sure what, but I knew she liked masks. So I picked up the Kitsune mask, looking for a price tag. But something caught my eye, from inside the mask, I could see something bright coming out of its eye sockets. As a reflex, I put the mask on, I don’t know what I expected to see. But everything changed at that moment. Read more


I still can’t believe that is me. I thought as I looked into the mirror again.
This was far from the first time I put on this magnificent exterior that made me appear the way I am. You see I am what you call…. curious. I’m very curious about several things the most being the way a woman feels. I purchased the custom made bodysuit from Nu-You. It was the best decision I have ever made. It took months for it to arrive but when it finally did… I went to town, as they say. The first time I saw I couldn’t contain my excitement. I quickly stripped down and took the suit out of the box. I unzipped the back and stretched the suit out and slipped my legs inside the suit, compressing them as I worked the suit up my body. As I reached my hips I felt my ass plump out and little sir relay into a nice moist slit. I worked my arms into the suits I looked at my now dainty feminine hands. My breast inflated to the perfect handful and the nipples popped out. All that was left was the head. As I lifted the mask above mine, I had a final thought of ecstasy as I knew what was about to happen. Once the mask was in place and zipped up the suit. I closed my eyes and felt the final changes take place. I put in some contacts and started to go to my closet. I was suddenly awestruck. Was this red-haired goddess truly me? I started to admire myself and got up on the bed, striking poses. Oh yes, this was going to be a night to remember.

Masked Orgy

“I’m sorry sir… but there just isn’t enough space. The room’s filled. We can refund your payment, of course…” and the host kept rambling on with the excuses. I would not have it. Read more


I have been friends with Sarah for a long time. I originally sought her out when we were in high school but after years of trying finally realized I was in the “Friend Zone”. We remained very close friends for many years and I saw men come and go, but I never saw her happy. We were at her house late one night when I asked her what was going on with her love life, especially if I saw an opportunity to get out of the zone. She confessed that she had been having feelings for the fairer sex. Realizing this was my last chance I confessed all the built up feelings I had over the years. She was shocked. She cared for me but not in that way. But then we came up with an idea that we could be happy with. She had heard of a company that had the ability to change a male to a female with a bodysuit. Together we created the perfect woman, albeit a little chubby n curvy but she was magnificent. When the suit arrived from Nu-You, I wasted no time putting on the voluptuous form. I felt my ass and my thighs expand to curvy proportions and my breast become a solid 36 E. Last but not least was the mask; this beautiful mask with plump lips and flowing brown hair. I began to slide it over my head and align all the pieces into place. I looked into the mirror and was astonished. The curvy beautiful woman stared back. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but love makes one do crazy things. I called Sarah over and told her I was ready. She let herself in and instantly stopped as soon as she saw me. Her eyes filled with lust and desire. She tore off our clothes and embraced me into a passionate kiss. I looked down at her; I started to speak, when she shushed me by putting her finger on my lips. She threw me onto the bed and began to kiss me removing the rest of my clothes. She began to kiss my moistening slit and lick it slowly. My back arched as pleasure overwhelmed me. She suddenly stopped. Sarah looked up with a look on her face of guilt. She confessed that she knew about my feelings for her long ago but I just wasn’t her type. But as she got older and her she realized her orientation, she began to think of ways that could both make us happy. She knew I would continue to have feelings for her after all these years. So she convinced me to get a bodysuit. After she relayed the story, I was stunned but I shushed her. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately. I told her that I didn’t care and that if being this way meant that I could be with her then I would. Sarah smiled the biggest smile that I had ever seen from her. We continued our lovemaking session for several hours. We laid on the bed sprawled out and exhausted. From this moment forward I knew my life was about to get very different but a lot better.