“I don’t believe you!” Owen’s sister Meg shouted at him as he walked away in her naked body. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Dare?” Owen asked, turning his head and swishing his glorious blonde hair around. “You did this to yourself, remember? You swapped our bodies with this medallion to ‘teach me a lesson,’ thinking I wouldn’t last a day as a woman. Well, it was a hard learning curve at first, but I’ve come to love your hot little body. And you were foolish to leave the medallion out where I could find it. So I’m gonna flush the medallion and get on with living my new life; and if you don’t mind, MY boyfriend is waiting for a little action. So ta-ta now and scram, OWEN!” he said, slapping his thigh.

Meg couldn’t believe her ears. “You’re bluffing, Owen!” she cried, charging forward. “Wait a sec, get away from the bathroom, what are you doing, wait—”



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