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Raise denied

After witnessing a bright pink flash coming from her boss’s office, Emily decided to walk in. She was surprised when she walked in. “Who’s this?” she asked her boss. “This is Audrey, she will be working right under you” her boss said. “Excuse me sir, I have to get right to work” Audrey said and left. Read more

Flight of the Attendants

From left to right: Paul, Timothy, Wilson, Blake, and Simon were all airline pilots until they overstepped their bounds with Equal Air, a new airline company. They had all been caught on numerous occasions, not only flirting with flight attendants, but also demeaning them, degrading them, and basically being typical male chauvinists, but also ones that flew the planes. This allowed them some leeway, for awhile that is. Read more

Pilot to Copilot

Jeffry was demoted from pilot to copilot for consistently harassing the female flight attendants and the female passengers on his flights, just because he was the captain. To ensure proper disciplinary action for his actions as pilot, the Trans Air corporation also changed Jeffry’s gender with their new secret transformation booth. Normally they were using this booth for undercover airline observations on flights, but they decided in this case to use it on one of their pilots for his misdeeds. Mistreat woman, now he had to become a woman. Read more

Time to Take Them Off

The boss called Jeff and Jed to the office, and demoted them to secretaries, after they failed to nail the Peterson Account. The boss said all their secretaries were well dressed women, so they would be too with the company’s own change booth. Read more


I don’t believe I’m about to do this. I can feel her hand on my head, softly, but at the same time commanding. I feel the carpet texture on my knees making my position crystal clear. Read more


This is so humiliating! I used to be the dean here. Now they make me wear this embarrassing uniform and all the boys I used to discipline keep staring at me, and damn, they look so different too, It’s hard to admit, but, well, I got so wet down there when I’m around them. I just had to come here to take care of it, or I don’t know what I would end up doing with Chad, that boy, he is so handsome. Damn! I have to put these thoughts away; I’m a man goddamnit! A forty-five-year-old man! And Chad, he’s a troublemaker, with such a cute butt, but… fuck! Read more


This is a lost cause, I still look girly as hell, even with this hair. I think that I could even go with the face, maybe I could pass as a very young boy, and, at least, I would still be male for the world. But I’m so small now; I’m tiny, smooth and so fucking delicate. And my chest, they are the worse, I guess. I bet I couldn’t hide these damned breasts even with all the tape in the world; they are so big, even more, glued on this petite body. Read more