Finding the perfect outfit

So, today is my girlfriend Amy’s birthday. I wanted to get her some sexy lingerie. But once I reached the store, I had so many options, that it was so overwhelming. I didn’t know what to get her. At the store, I asked a nice lady for some help. She said she couldn’t help that much, that I should choose myself; however, she said she could help me find something by making me think a little bit more like a woman. I agreed. She then took me to the dressing room, and asked me to wait there.

I must have waited for 5 minutes, but felt like more than an hour. It was weird being inside a lingerie’s store dressing room. I hope she doesn’t expect me to try those clothes on. But to much of my dismay, the lady showed up with some sexy lingerie, and handed it to me “you should try this on honey” she said. She was insane if she thought I was going to wear women’s clothing. “It should fit you just nicely”, that was a weird thing to say. “I am not wearing that! I am no wo….” I had to stop talking when I realized I sounded funny. I looked down, and realized my body was different. I had breasts, I looked shorter than before, and I could see my long hair touching my shoulders. Not only that, I was naked.

I took the clothes off her hands, and reluctantly tried them on. I was surprised how good they felt on my skin. I looked at myself in the mirror, and couldn’t help it but pose sexily. “Wow I am hot, even hotter than Amy” I said comparing myself to my girlfriend. The nice lady kept handing me clothes, which just made things worse, I started to imagine myself being sexy, and stripping for a guy. His hands touching and squeezing my breasts. “Shit I have to stop” I said. Thankfully, the last outfit I had just tried, was perfect. “I’ll take this one” I said. I took it off, and wore the clothes I came to the store with. I thanked the lady, and walked towards the cashier.

“Would that be all?” the cashier asked me, “yes… wait no… I’ll take this lipgloss too” I said, as I picked a pink lipgloss from the counter. I really love how that shade looks on my lips. Hopefully my boyfriend will love my new outfit, I can’t wait to sleep with him tonight.


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