Sensational Sensations

Harvey Brinks was talking with his friend Brad about Wendy Peters, a local gal in town known to be very slutty, but at the same time sexy. He was telling Brad how he would love to have her give a BJ. Brad agreed, saying she may get around, but she was the best cocksucker in town.

Then the Great Shift hit, and Harvey blacked out, along with Brad. When Brad woke, he was in some big tall strong guy’s body, getting a blowjob from Wendy Peters! He thought his wish must have somehow came true, but he was also a very well hung man now, and very strong, not like his former puny body. It felt like a win-win for him.

Harvey on the other hand, well, let’s just say he’s still with his friend…, only know he is on his knees blowing him from Wendy Peters’ sexy body. Once Harvey realized his entire body felt strange, and what he was doing with his new thick lips, tasting a cock and sucking it, his new pretty eyes lit up in shock. The cock was so big covered by his tiny right hand, and judging by how he felt, and his new painted nails, he was realizing he might somehow be a she now. The dangling earrings, long hair brushing his back, the soft curves, weight on his chest, and the empty yet aroused wet feeling in his crotch gave it away instantly. Even more so, that cock he was sucking actually tasted good to him, and he had never had a gay thought in his life.

Brad said from his new body, “Oh, Wendy, I don’t know how this happened, but I’m glad it did, you are the sluttiest and best cocksucker I’ve ever known, keep going baby.”

At that moment, Harvey knew somehow, someway he was in Wendy Peters’ body, in this act of blowing this guy. He was stunned and amazed at suddenly being a horny slutty gal, and in the act of sucking cock. His whole body was horny, he was actually turned on big time… by a man no less. He had her urges and desires, and realized why she was the way she was, he couldn’t get enough cock in her body.

Harvey still wanted to push away, but Brad in the big hunk’s body pushed held his head in place, and at the same time, Harvey’s new slutty desires, along with his head being held, led him to just continue. Finally Brad pulled away and exploded in Harvey’s pretty new face and all over his new tits. Seeing, smelling, feeling, and tasting this man’s hot cum, Harvey went into orgasm instantly, shuddering all over, and tingling all over, his body so turned on by cock and cum.

Once they calmed down, they shared information and realizing they were the friends, now in these new bodies, though how ironic this was, they both wanted a BJ from Wendy, and now Brad received one from her, and Harvey gave one as her. After realizing the Great Shift was to blame, and still being wildly attracted to each other, the two became more than friends. The only problem Brad had was keeping Harvey, now the new Wendy from cheating on him, as her drives and desires were off the charts, and one man could barely satisfy her.


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