Final competition.

Nathan was my biggest rival since years. I don’t even remember how it started but we took always every opportunity to competete against each other. Actually I loved that competitions.
It’s always good to have someone you fight against all the time. On the other hand I never feeled like I have ever win over him. Of course I defeated him at the chess tournament, at the swimming competition. picking up Janine and at many other opportunities.
But after one win another competition followed. Never was actually one of us winnig for good. Never was one us dominating the other. And I’m sure Nathan feeled the same.

One day I found a spellbook. First I didn’t believe it to be real. But I was curious somehow. So I tested some harmless spells and it worked. Quickly I got possessed and flipped through all the pages looking for interesting spells. So I found one. One which could be our final competition.

I called Nathan and asked him to come over. I told him about the spellbook. Even demonstrated one of it’s powers. Then I challenged for a final competition. I showed him a spell which would turn someone into a girl for a few hours. But if he came before the changes would be permanent. Also he showed Nathan a mind and reality change spell.
“What if we turn each other into woman. Who can make the other cum first wins and can do with the loser what he wants.”, I said. Nathan agreed. Both of us were excited finally to win for good.

The changes were painful, but when it was over we got easily turned on. Of course. In mind we were still two young man with the body of two hot woman. We jumped on the bed and toked our clothes off. As fair sportsman we decided to go into the 69 position. I always loved licking pussies. So I was very experience to please a girl with my tongue. Nathan on the other seemed to be more experience with fingering because he decide to rub my clit.
It was so hot and just after a few minutes I could feel the tension building up on me. I know I couldn’t last any longer.
“Oh God, I’m gonna lose”, was the last thing I thought before the orgasm came over me. Ashamed that I was the one who lost but also relieved. Now it was over.

Today Nathan and I are a happily married couple. I love it to be on the same team with him and when we work together.


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