a cure for your cravings

Dr. Phillips had known about the properties of the lake. He had been studying its ability to change men into women for months and had been very careful not to drink any of the water. Then one day without thinking he had accidently grabbed the lake water sample instead of his water bottle. It was only a sip but it was too late, within seconds he was a blonde cum slut. Dr. Phillips young research assistant Greg knew full well that the only way to change back was to avoid contact with male sperm for 24 hours which was difficult considering the cravings those affected experienced. But he was lonely and hadn’t gotten laid in a while so it wasn’t long before he let the doctor cure his cravings and suck him off. Once Dr. Phillips swallowed the first load he knew that it was over and Greg figured he was now the lead researcher on this project, everything was working out well.


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