Feeling a little bit exposed.

Jason bent over the computer in the dead of night still trapped in the form of a beautiful young woman feeling a little bit exposed in the very short flimsy nightie he was wearing.

He was trying not to make a single sound that would wake his captor as he tried to find out what had happened to him but was annoyed when he was stopped by the parental locks on the computer.

All he wanted to know was how the grief stricken scientist had managed to transform him into the perfect replica of his deceased daughter.

Frustrated and angry he returned to his room quietly tiptoeing past his captors bedroom scared of what might happened to him for breaking the rules.

He lay in bed looking up at the ceiling trying to ignore his body’s urges to be fondled & caressed.

He could tell by the way his body felt this was more than a normal sex change even if he did not want to admit it to himself he knew he was 100% female especially after last week’s visit from mother nature.

Knowing he was going to have to find a way out before things got more out of hand and if that meant spending the rest of his life as a woman then so be it.

It would be better than being trapped here with that madman.


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