Father and Son Go A Little Bitchy!

“Son, hurry… ah… up! Your mother will be here shortly! Msag’ro uo ynehw mrofs’nartl luoy!” it came from the blonde to the right of the sofa as she recited the magic spell that would allow her to transform on orgasm.Only it sounded like the voice of a middle-aged man.”Dad, I’m on… ah… it!” the brunette to the left said in the tune of a teenage boy, only to be interrupted by the opening front door.”Guys, I’m home!” the voice of the woman of the house was heard as she was crossing the few steps to the living room.”Oh crap!” the son said. That was when the blonde came. “Ah!”. Next there was a small*POOF!*to her left and the blonde that was actually her transformed father was gone, only to be replaced by…


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