When Julie wake up this morning, she was feeling a bit odd. She have absoluetly no recollection of what she have done yesterday, or nothing before. She just just her name and she was obviously a girl. And that was strange because her room was clearly a man room. And the tee-shirt she wearing too. As she tryied to recompose who and where she was supposed to be, Meanwhile, in here head, Julian screaming for help even if he known he couldn’t be heard. The day before, he hav performed a spell to change him into a girl. He was supposed to wake up in sexy girl body. And that what happen, but he wasn’t in control of it anymore. He have accidently create a whole new persona and she was in control now. Julian’s persona was slowly fused with the new one, disapearing to be transform into the knowledge she will need. Soon, it will be only Julie in that pretty head.


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