A favorable ruling

Spencer peeled Mia’s thong down, exposing the pussy they now shared. As soon as the High Wizard gave his ruling, Spencer couldn’t teleport home fast enough.Ever since Spencer accidentally transferred his consciousness into his neighbor Mia’s body, he had had to be on his best behaviour. Even during the few hours that Mia allowed him to control the form they now both occupied, Spencer was well aware of Mia’s prying thoughts. He couldn’t get a moment alone to appreciate who he now was. Mia pointedly showered with her eyes closed and undressed under the sheets.But the High Wizard had ruled today that Spencer had a right to privacy, even if he was liable for the change. And so, three days a week, Mia’s consciousness was subdued and Spencer had the place to himself. He could put up with four days of hibernation a week if it meant he could use this body without compunction. Spencer giggled as he looked at his legs, mentally preparing for a long weekend making up for lost time.


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