Promotional Opportunities

Charlie has been trying to climb the corporate ladder for far too long. Fed up with the daily grind, Charlie went to his boss privately and begged him for any lead, method, or way to promote up the Corporate Ladder. Charlie is getting tired of making barely able to pay his bills and needing a way to build a better life.

Well, Charlie got more than he bargained for as his boss offered him a Secretarial Position for his boss. There was two catches with that: He only hires women and he goes through a ‘rigorous’ interview process.

So, I bought a knock off Female Body Suit…actually quite beautiful for not much money. Unbenonced to me that as soon as its put on, within 12 hours that the Bodysuit becomes permanent. So, I squeezed into it one leg at a time, feeling like its too small for him. Though he made sure it was one size fits all. I slipped my cock into the pocket inside the suit and managed to get the rest on. I immediately got dressed and awkwardly walked to my ‘interview’ in my girlfriend’s clothes.

Similar to what happens when my girlfriend comes by wearing that outfit, it was stripped off and my boss started fucking me. After almost two hours of this “interview”, I felt that the zipper in back melded together and became permanently this woman with no background, papers, history, etc….but I can tell you I have a job for life under my boss.


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