Failing Grade

Mr. Waller should have been mad at what his students had done to him…furious, in fact. But he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He understood perfectly well why they chose to punish him–he was known for being easily the most difficult, uncompromising, and all-around mean teacher in the whole eleventh grade. Naturally, when given the opportunity to inflict revenge upon him, they must have jumped at the chance.

They must have slipped the tablet into his coffee at the end of class–he had just finished berating them on another set of poor test scores and general all-around academic failure. He drank the coffee on the way back to his secluded office in the school’s freshman wing and could tell something was funny about it. Well, he’d drank worse before. There were tests to grade.

No sooner had Mr. Waller shut door and sat down to get to work than the pain attacked him. He yelped out and clutched his chest as waves and waves of agony began to pulse over him. With each pulse he felt his body change–his tremendous girth slurped up inside his body, redistributing it to his legs, rear, and chest. Sickening creaks echoed as his bone structure realigned itself, reducing his height, widening his hips, and tapering his waist. He listened in horror as his gravelly yells slowly pitched upward into shrieks, and whimpered as he watched his formerly gray hair cascade down his back in long, brown locks. With one final pulse, the transformation was completed: a pair of breasts sprang from his chest, his rear ballooned outward, and his elderly, shriveled penis shot upward into his pelvis, leaving behind a tiny pink vagina.

Mr. Waller panted on the floor for several moments, exhausted and covered in sweat. When he finally arose, the image that confronted him in his office mirror shocked him: where once had stood an elderly, balding, old teacher, there was now a sexy, twenty-something brunette. It was an easy task to pull off his now overgrown clothes, and he marveled at his slim, sexy new figure.

And so it was that Mr. Waller now found himself on his back, a thick black cock being slammed into his pussy as he moaned in ecstasy. Mere minutes after the transformation finished, one of his students had entered his office to complain about his grade. When he saw the naked, horny body of his former teacher sprawled out before him, it didn’t take him long to figure out what he wanted to do. Mr. Waller didn’t resist much–it didn’t feel right to. He wanted to be mad at his students. He really did. But being fucked in a pussy just felt to damn good to be too concerned with it.


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