failed experiment

I stood silently listening to my cousin yeling at her father. I’m not blaming her, she has the right to be angry after hearing that she will be stuck as a teenage boy.
It all started 3 months ago. My uncle was a scientist and i loved his inventions.
When he told me he build a mind reading device i was the first to volounter. My 24 years old cousin Kate was also courious about it. Soon we were sitting next to eachother with wierd helmets on our heads. When my uncle started the device it’s effect was diffirent than we tough. Instead of reading our minds we swapped bodies.
My uncle tried to fix it but he told us it will take some time, In the meantime we had to live as eachother. It was hard for me at first. I have always respected Kate and i didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable by the fact that im in her body. Every time i had to go to the toilet i felt like a pervert. It took me a week to wash myself without my eyes closet or the awkward feeling of touching her body.
Days were passing and the device was still broken. We couldn’t hide from our social lives forever so we decided to pretend to be eachother in public. She was going to school as me with my friends and i was going to her job and hanging out with her boyfriend trying to be as much convincing as i could.
By every day i was getting worried that we will never be able to go back to our lives, and today my fear was confirmed. My uncle didn’t knew how to fix this so we had to accept our new bodies. To be honest i’ve already came to terms with this body. I just hope that Kate will be able too.


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