Bimbo Apocalypse – Origins 2: Laziness’ Perks

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Day 20
My sis told me that I actually don’t have to further document my life since the transformation phase (except the boobs) is over. I kinda liked it though so I’m continuing. I am currently thinking about how to learn stuff for the next year (and beyond) if I’d just learn it when it comes up during lessons I’d grow consistently during the whole year which my back wouldn’t survive. I found out that actually learning something over a week a little bit at a time makes me orgasm more often than chunk learning it at once. So I’ll learn as much as possible in chunks every few weeks so that the boob growth could be categorised as natural.
Day 21
I was just lying around on my couch lazily. I realised that I haven’t masturbated for over two weeks and that I didn’t care. Maybe because I cummed in the early days due to information (which I could mostly ban from my life recently) or due to my new female body which doesn’t needs sex that much. I’m probably going to ask Sis.
Day 22
Back to school. The usual day: Some math, some science, some text analysis, a racist comment here, a sexist comment there (with the last two mainly coming from the boy who harassed me on Friday). I asked Sis what I should do about that guy. After joking that I should infect him with the TG virus (Which would be illegal and hard since it is non-contagious after the transformation is over). We came to the conclusion that I should talk to the teachers about it. I also asked her about the female sex stuff and she told me that it depends on the woman and that she hoped for me that I am harder to get horny. Also it is still weird to consider myself a woman.
Day 23
This boy gets really obnoxious. Today he told me to basically strip in class and so I reported him to a teacher. I told him all the racist and sexist jokes and he just laughed at me like I was some dumb person who wouldn’t know when she was “really” offended. I told all this stuff Sis and she told me to first calm down. Then we went shopping. I have to admit that I feel a strange joy in shopping. Feeling new tops and panties and bras on my body and especially on my nipples…
Day 24 (Wednesday)
After the boy called me a “beautiful nigger” which is so far the worst of all the insults I developed a plan. The boy wanted to see my tits. I will show him my tits. At least that’s what I’m gonna say to him. I will tell him next time he drops one of his pick-up lines that I’ll show him my tits in the girl’s rest room during the lunch break. Normally no one’s there since their all eating in the cafeteria except for Carmelita who is kind of the social outcast but a good student so the teachers will believe her when she tells them that a creepy boy’s sneaking around in the girl’s rest room.
Day 25
Today was the day… The boy told me that I had nice mammary glands. “Wanna see ‘em?” I said in a sexy suggestive voice (There is no way you can say this in this context non-suggestive). He answered a little perplex: “Sure.” I bowed down to his ear and whispered “Girl’s rest room, at lunch.” So after the last lesson before lunch I went to the rest room. Carmelita was sitting in the corner so that the boy couldn’t see her when he enters the room. I was sitting on the opposite site of the room where he could instantly see me. I was waiting for a few minutes and then he came into the room. Carmelita didn’t notice him at first, she just thought that it was a girl who had forgotten something here. Then he said “Now show me the tits!” Carmelita noticed the voice and looked up. “Pervert!” She screamed at him. He was clearly shocked to see another girl here. Embarrassed he ran out of the room and Carmelita came over to me and asked if I was ok. I told her that I was shocked that he would go so far to enter the girl’s room. She asked me if he had tried similar things in the past, I answered that he always harassed me but that this was the first time he’d entered a zone he wasn’t allowed in. She told me that that was horrible and that we should go to the principal. I thanked her and we went to the principal’s office. The principal was surprisingly cooperative (maybe because a white straight-A student supported me). He told us that he’d talk to the boy’s parents and told us that we could return to whatever-we-were-doing. On the way back to the rest room I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me sometime. She gladly said yes. After two weeks in school I already made a new friend.
Day 26
Nothing to note
Day 27
I got a call from Carmelita. She asked me if we wanted to meet and go shopping or “hang out”. Since it was summer I suggested going to the beach and do some swimming. After an awkward exchange of “You can decide“ “No you can” we figured out that Carmelita doesn’t have a bikini (And I don’t have one that fits) so we planned on shopping bikinis and swim after that. Shopping was really fun (again. I wonder if it has to do anything with my transformation). There was only one free fitting room so we saw each-others boobies. While I tried to not stare at hers she was apparently stunned by my ungodly large nipples. It turned out that the Carmelita has actually pretty big bazongas if you know what I mean. Not my size but a good DD, enough to be a socially accepted (which makes my think of the state our society is in…) Since I’m a girl too I thought I could just talk about her breasts with her. I could have found a more subtle entrance in the talk than “Your breasts are bigger than they look under those hoodies of yours.” At first she asked me if I was lesbian. I answered that I was never in a same-sex relationship. Then I told her that I noticed that she seemed to be a social outcast, but not by choice despite being a nice (and in a non-sexual way) good looking (and kinda’ busty) person. She told me that never really befriended anyone since she joined the class a year ago and everybody seemed to already have friends and stuff. I told her that I felt sorry for her and that we could be friends (which I think is not the way friendship normally begins but whatever) and that I will give her a make-over so that she can have more friends. We then went swimming in the ocean. I guess this day is a complete success. I got a bestie (and my first friend since the transformation) and saw her boobies.
Day 28
Nothing happened
Day 29(Monday)
We wrote a test about some science stuff today. It was easy. Later Carm’ and I were hanging out in the rest room.
Day 30
I got the test back. Answered all the questions right. I also noticed that that guy who harassed me for a week or so wasn’t at school currently. Maybe the principal gave him some time off or something.
Day 31
Carm’ and I went shopping for her make-over. Apparently she has the uncanny ability to hide her tits in whatever she is wearing as seen in this selfie I made of us. Also I look totally fat in this selfie. Wait… When did I start to care about stuff like that?
Day 32
The boy is back. And he is pissed! Also I found out (by listening a teacher reading out the attendance list) that his name is Kevin. Before lunch break he found Carm’ and me basically swore revenge. Sis did some research and found out that Kevin’s parents are pretty wealthy.
Day 33
Despite Kevin’s threats he turned out to be transferred away from our school. I guess for once a problem solved itself.
Day 35
Carm’ and I went swimming.
Day 36
Nothing happened’
Lana’s sister skimmed through the remaining pages of the diary but didn’t find any new entries after day 36. Silently she closed the book, a tear running down her cheek, and thought about calling the police…


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