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F.O.S.E. – A New Kind of Workplace

Vanessa (25) was an assistant for Richard (41), the CEO of a major company. She thought she was going to receive the business experience she was looking for. But like some attractive women in the workplace, she was temped into sexual relations with the promise of promotions and raises. Well one day, while she was giving Richard a blowjob, the moment he shot his load into her mouth, she felt something strange happen. As she opened her eyes, she was shocked to look down and see her face with a dick in its mouth, a dick now attached to her. Later they heard about the FOSE and Richard begged Vanessa to keep their swap a secret, fearing it would ruin his reputation. Vanessa smiled and agreed on one condition: that their workplace sexual relation remains unchanged.
A month later, while the world went back to a sense of normalcy, Vanessa was enjoying her new life. Sure she was now older and a man, but she was finally in charge of a company, was married to a beautiful trophy wife, and not to mention the daily blowjobs Richard gave her.

Exchange Island – A Litle Tease

So here I am enjoying the rays of the sun on Exchange Island when I get a text from my buddy Mike (16). He wrote “Hey Tim (16), how’s your family vacation to exchange island? Did you guys get good bodies?” I couldn’t help but laugh. If he could only see me now. So I wrote back saying “Well you wouldn’t believe this but my dad switched with an 8 year old boy, my mom’s a 12 year old girl, my sis is a 25 year old guy, and me? Well I got switched with a college girl” Not 2 seconds after I sent that text, Mike responded “No way! You have to send me a pic of what you look like now” For some reason I got excited after reading that. So I decided to be a little tease and send him a quick video of my bikini clad co-ed body. He hasn’t texted anything back since.

Great Shift – Skype

Josh and his girlfriend Heather were having a nice Skype session until Josh noticed that Heather’s attitude changed. They were talking about the upcoming school dance when Heather blanked, then began to look around confused, acting as if she wasn’t skyping anymore. She then looked down at her body and began cupping her breasts. Josh began to think that she was about to give him a show, something they would do from time to time. She starting taking all her clothes off and began fondling her chest, before moving down and started playing with her pussy. By this time Josh already had his hand down his pants as the two masturbated for a couple minutes. As “Heather” reached her orgasm, she fell back onto her chair. Breathing heavily, she finally noticed the computer and realized she had been skyping the whole time. She quickly turned off the computer as Josh enjoyed the show his girlfriend gave. But the next day, Josh learned about the Great Shift, finding out he was one of the ones that were unshifted. He soon puzzled together why his girlfriend acted so weird over Skype…that wasn’t Heather.

Swap Class – Booty

Zack (17) was excited to finally return home after Swap Class placed him in the body of Ashley Jensen (17). He’s been dying to peel off the clothes she was wearing after he landed in her body. As he rushed to the bathroom, he quickly took off the shirt and sweatpants she was wearing. His hands went straight for his chest as he felt his new breasts through the bra. But when he turned around to check out his new ass, he was shocked to see just how amazing it was. He looked back at the mirror while he began to play with it and make it bounce. “I don’t know why Ashley would hide this behind wearing sweatpants all the time. Well there’s a new sheriff in town, which means I have some shopping to do before school tomorrow.” The next day, Zack turned some heads by wearing the tightest yoga pants he could find which outlined and showed off his new asset. He even made a couple of the former girls sport some noticeable bulges in their pants, especially Ashley herself.

Easy A

Andrew (17) always wondered how his classmate Holly (17) was acing Mr. Almanza’s physics class. The class average was about a C, yet she was the only one with an A. It seems he was going to find out since him and Holly were chosen to switch with each other for Swap Class. Later that day, he headed into Holly’s 4th period class with Mr. Almanza. He sat at his desk, still getting used to his new body, constantly glancing down, seeing his new chest barely covered in the tank top he was now wearing. During class, as he tried to pay attention to what Mr. Almanza was teaching, he felt his new body act strangely every time he looked at the teacher. He noticed a wetness between his legs and realized that his body was becoming aroused. He finally snapped out of it when the lunch bell rang. As him and the rest of class were getting ready to leave, Mr. Almanza asked him to stay. As the class left, Mr. Almanza walked closer to Andrew and kissed him. Andrew, feeling his body react, kissed back and the next thing he knew, he was pinned against the chalkboard watching his teacher thrust in and out of him. Andrew had a hard time trying not to moan louder than he already was. After their little classroom fun, Andrew decided to tell Mr. Almanza that he wasn’t Holly. The look on his face was priceless, especially since Andrew told him he would keep things quiet if he got an A for the year. Although, Andrew went back a couple of times during the week for a little “extra credit.”

Swap Party Fun

Greg (18) and his girlfriend Kacie (18) were excited to attend the end of the year swap pool party their friend Rachel was throwing after graduation. The moment they both walked into the house, they randomly switched bodies with another party goer. Greg looked arounded and found he was inside the body of Erin, Kacie’s best friend, wearing a pretty small bikini.
He walked around the pool as his teammate Brian came up to. But to his surprise, Brian turned out to be Kacie. The two joined some friends in the hot tub. As everyone joked around and talked, Greg and Kacie were getting a little handsy under the bubbles.
They both excused themselves. As they were getting out of the hot tub, everyone noticed Kacie’s pretty apparent tent in her swim shorts. Everyone knew what they were going to do. They both found an empty room as Kacie made the move and tore off her shorts, taking Greg then and there. They would soon find out that Erin’s body is a real moaner as Greg just had his third orgasm.