I tried to explain what had happened to James, “It was Amy! She did this to me!” I said while taking my robe off and revealing my new female body. “Obe hour go, I was a man, and now, I look like a girl!”. “But why?” James asked. “We were having sex, when she placed some kind of star shapped stone on my chest. She then said <I know you cheated on me>, and just left. I tried to follow her, but the pain was unberable. I fell to the floor and passed out. When I woke up, my… my thing was gone. I had long hair, I looked in the mirror, and was surprised to see a girl instead of me.”

I started crying while talking to James. “Don’t worry” he said while giving me a comforting hug. “And I can’t believe what makes me more upset, is that I am so flat chested. I want bigger boobs!” I cried. “Every minute that passes, I start to give into my new self. I am ashamed to say it. But, even though I don’t want to, I find you attractive James.” I could see his erection, and all I could do was bit my finger. “I want you, and I know you want me. Make a woman out of me. I really really want you inside me” I told him. I knew that after I had sex with him, I would have given up, and I would be a woman 100%. I saw him takeoff his clothes, I was anxious, I wanted him badly. I was no longer upset with Amy, I wanted to thank her for this wonderful gift.


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