Who’s smart now?

So John? Or should i say Johana? You thought you could blackmail me after you help me cheating on the last test? You haven’t plan i can be actually smarter than you on this one do you? During the time you are occupied, let me explain what will happen. As you can see, you are now in my control. Body and mind. And yes, also change you into a girl. I will not let you suck my dick like that if you are still a dude.
Right now, you can’t do anything else other sucking me. And every lick you do, drain your knowledge into me. So when i’ll finish with you, you will be just a dumb hot sex slave and i will never need your help to pass my future test. But don’t worry, you will be really helpfull on other subjects. The boys of the dorm will be really glad to have a little fuck toy like you to have fun with. What? You don’t want that? Keep sucking and be a good girl, maybe i’ll change my mind and let you be my girlfriend.


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