Perfect Prank

Jack was so sick of being bullied by Alex. Alex was always calling Jack a sissy, a cock sucker, and he was always talking about how much Jack wanted to take it up the ass. Jack wanted revenge and he knew just who to turn to. Jack’s best friend Steve was big into science and had actually invented a few things of his own. Jack knew exactly what he needed.
“I need to use your boob ray and the micro-drone its time to humiliate Alex” Jack told Steve over the phone.
“That’s brilliant,” said Steve “You’re turning Alex into a shemale hahahaha. But how are you going to get him to sit still the ray takes a while of prolonged exposure to make you a girl upstairs.”
“No my plan is even better. I’m going to become the shemale and seduce Alex. We will film it with the micro-drone and once I reveal I have a dick between my legs he will be so humiliated that he won’t be able to show his face at school for a week.”
Steve was a little skeptical but he helped his friend become a shemale and get dressed for the big show.

The plan was working perfectly Jack went over to Alex’s house and managed to get invited back to the pool. Steve was remotely piloting the micro-drone and when Jack and Alex came out back he started recording. Jack flirted as best he could and Alex seemed to be liking it. Jack gave his fake story about being new in town and how lonely she was in this new place. Alex was eating it up.
“Hey you want to go swimming?” Alex asked
“Oh I don’t have a swimsuit with me.” said Jack coyly
“That’s no problem,” Alex said taking off his shirt and then dropping his gym shorts to reveal the biggest dick Jack had ever seen “We can skinny dip” he said with a wink.
Jack’s heart started racing and he told himself it was because it was finally time to humiliate Alex and reveal he was a shemale “Alright lets do it.” Jack said and removed his top. He was about to take off the skirt he was wearing when he found Alex’s dick in his face.
“Suck it” Alex commanded
“I was just… just let me finish” Jack stammered
“Just suck it you know you want to.” With that Alex guided Jack’s head to his cock and without resistance Jack started sucking.
Jack told himself this was a minor setback that the plan would still work he just needed to get through this and then he could humiliate Alex. After about five minutes Alex asked “You ready to get fucked?”
Eager to get on with the plan Jack responded with a smile, a nod, and a mouth full of cock “uhmmm humm”
“Great I’ll be right back. I expect you face down ass up when I get back.” Jack blushed at the way he was being talked to but when Alex stepped back inside he quickly finished stripping and got into position. Alex came back out a minute later wearing a condom and Jack’s heart started pounding like crazy again.
Alex walked around behind Jack, this was it he could see it now. Jack wished he could see the look on his bullies face. Jack opened his mouth to say something snarky but before he could he felt Alex’s cock shove its way up his ass. Jack let out a moan as he got fucked. Jack couldn’t figure it out why had Alex not flipped out when he saw there was no pussy. And more confusing was why was Jack enjoying this so much.
“I have to tell you Jack,” Alex said after they had been going at it for a few minutes “I know I call you all those names but I never thought you would come to my house and try and seduce me. You must really want this dick.”
“No…I…Don’t” Jack said between gasping breaths. He couldn’t give Alex the satisfaction of humiliating him.
“Oh do you want me to stop then?” Alex asked. Jack blushed but said nothing. “I’ll take your silence as a yes then, don’t want to give it to someone who doesn’t want it.” With that Alex started to pull out. Before it was even all the way out Jack was screaming
“No no I want it, leave it in.”
Alex laughed and pushed Jacks legs together “Don’t worry just getting a better angle”
Miles away Steve was watching the monitor of what the micro-drone was recording. He thought about erasing it but Jack had always been in denial about his sexuality, maybe a little video proof would show him how right Alex had been this whole time.


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