The magic familiar appeared to Will one evening after his latest cheating sex session, “Cheating you’ve done, Will H. Normath, so from now on you will be Esmerelda Enormous. Taking your wenches to bed you thought made you hipper, now you are nothing more than a busty brunette stripper. Big busty and sleazy to make your cut, now you are just like them, a hug boob slut. Thought you would get away with the cheating think again, now you’ll be on the other side being taken by cheating men. Wanting you for your mind, well your out of luck, they will only be there for your body, with a good titty fuck. You once said you liked junk in the trunk and on the chest a set of tanks, well now you are just that, a curvaceously ultra busty skank.”

This guy turned gal had cheated one too many times on his loving girlfriend Lana, and she put a stop to it with her revenge of magic. Will was now the busty Esmerelda Enormous, a brunette stripper slut with extreme boobs, and a big round ass. The tight shiny red leotard she was now wearing couldn’t even contain the massive breasts now adorning her sexy chest. One look in the mirror, and Esmerelda got to hear her new sexy voice loudly as she screamed in horror at what she had become.


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