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Easy Money

“Erm.” I grunted as Amy thrusted hard into me. “So, like, I get the general concept. People will pay more to see two girls fucking.” Read more


“Whoa! Down boy, down. What have I told you about when I first get home?” Mistress shouts at me as I leap up and kiss her. She pushes me down, and I whine as her strong arms force me away. She tssks and bops my nose. “No, none of that. Now, what do we do if we want our treat?” Read more


“Good news, honey. I talked to Michelle and she explained everything. It’s so sweet of you to learn how to ballroom dance as an anniversary present for me. I’m so sorry I thought you two were having an affair, I guess I was a bit hasty with your punishment. Read more


John and I had both been dating Amanda for a while. It was all above-board – everyone knew and agreed – but it still bothered us. Eventually we got together and gave Amanda an ultimatum. She had to pick one of us and break up with the other. Read more

Nemesis – Villain’s Log

Day 4:
My plan continues to work perfectly. Ever since I transformed myself into Amaza-Girl’s weakness – a submissive nymphomaniac lesbian – she’s been completely unable to resist me. She actually took me into her lair, the fool! Unfortunately, so far she’s been insatiable, and I haven’t been able to get away from her long enough to implant the nanovirus. Read more

All My Fault

My wife and I fought this weekend, and now I’m afraid she’s going to leave me. She’s been acting extremely odd, and every time I try to talk to her she just stares at me and then walks away. Read more

Getting It In The End

I’d been begging my girlfriend, Carly, to try anal for months. When she finally agreed, to my shock she swapped our genders with nanites. And a few minutes later I found myself bent over our couch, with her cock working my tight hole. Read more

Adventures in Ethical Bodyhopping – 1

There are a lot of downsides to being an ethical bodyhopper. It’s understandably hard to convince people to voluntarily swap bodies with me, although not always. You’d be surprised how often attractive men and women really want a major change, and I can help them. The other issue is that for obvious reasons, it makes dating tough when you want to be monogamous. Read more