Easy life

I was in possesion of a spell that was suposed to swap me and my boss’s body so i could give myself i nice rise. I prepared everything for it to work, at least i thought so. When i casted the spell something went wrong and instead my boss i swapped bodies with his daughter. Now i had to change back and try again but the spell was in my old house and since my old body is acting like nothing happened i just can’t go in there and ask for it.
Until i’m able to get it back i had to pretend to be this girl. To bad i started to really enjoy her life. Being a rich, spoiled girl has its advantages. I’m doing all the stuff i couldn’t afford before and i don’t need to work my ass off for a minimum wage. I promised myself to look for the spell in my spare time but i’m having so much fun it’s really difficult to go back. As for now i will keep this body but i doubt w will go back to my old self. This life is just too great.


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