Feeling Heavy

I know I had wished to be able to get inside her bra, but this isn’t what I meant! Why the hell would I have actually wanted to BECOME her boobs?! How was I supposed to have fun with them like this? Stuffed inside this tight bra. When her tits gained my consciousness they must have outgrown her bra too. I could feel myself spilling out the top, threatening to jiggle out with every step she took. Suddenly, I heard her voice:
“Huh, I don’t remember this bra being too small? Oh well!” Suddenly, I felt a release. She had taken off her bra, and now the only thing supporting me was…me.
I could feel all of my weight. I felt so heavy, and my nipples became hard as diamond when they were exposed to the open air.
“Wow!” she said to me. “You girls sure so seem excited! Maybe I should warm you up a bit…” Suddenly I felt fingers around me. Squeezing me, shaking me up and down. I felt waves of pleasure flow through me, almost too much to bear. She toyed with her nipples, and the pleasure only got more intense. It was as though my whole body was on the verge of orgasm.
Then I heard the voice I had dreaded.
“Hey babe, I guess you just couldn’t wait for me,” I had hoped she didn’t have one, but unmistakably that was her boyfriend.
“I think they’re a bit bigger, that’s all,” she said seductively. “Why don’t you come over here and make sure?” I heard a zipper, and felt myself wobbling all over uncontrollably as she walked closer to him. Suddenly I was being pressed together, it felt pretty good, until the next step.
I could feel his dick run between me, pushing either side of me out of the way. And all the while she was slapping me together, which started to make me feel dizzy, even though I saw nothing but blackness.
After what felt like hours, I heard her voice, “Yeah, all over them. Maybe you’ve got magic cum that made them grow, and if that’s the case, I definitely want more…” Oh no, please no. Suddenly I could feel a warm fluid over the top of me, and I knew that her boyfriend was done for the night. I had hoped I was done too, but then she started rubbing it in, lifting me up before letting me slip out of her hands, feeling some level of pain every time I slapped back down against her body.
She must have stopped at last, because I could feel myself wobbling again: she was walking.
“So babe,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about getting my nipples pierced; any thoughts on the matter?”
And I thought things couldn’t get worse…


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