Oh my god, I should have believed Tiffany when she told me that if I didn’t take her to the dance I’d regret it. Tiffany was a joke around the school. She was dorky and chubby and weird. She wanted to be one of the popular girls but they all thought she was too shy and gross. She’d also do anything to find a guy that paid attention to her, unfortunately for her no one did. When she asked me to the dance I told her “fat chance”, and she got upset with me and told me I’d regret it. I laughed as she stormed off fuming.

Last night was the dance and I went with Vanessa Tudor, a cheerleader, and I had a great time. Last night we went back to my house since my parents weren’t home and fooled around until we both got lucky, and that’s the last I remember before going to sleep. When I woke up I found myself alone in bed. Vanessa must be in the bathroom, I thought. I looked around but everything was blurry. I panicked, thinking I was going blind. As I looked around, even though I couldn’t see clearly, I knew I wasn’t in my room anymore. I sat up, feeling something heavy hanging on my chest, and I threw my blanket off. In my blurry vision my body looked like a woman’s, with wide hips, pale legs and a green triangle of underwear instead of my boxers. As I breathed I could see my protruding chest move forward and back. I feared the worst, and I was afraid to speak or move and my heart was beating fast. I looked to my right and saw a nightstand with a pair of glasses on it. I took those glasses and put them on, and as my vision cleared, my fears were confirmed. Looked down I saw that I did have rather large breasts under a purple tanktop. My crotch was flat under some green panties and my thighs were huge as I laid on them. I was in a girls room, with anime posters and clothes everywhere. In the corner I saw a mirror, so I hopped out of bed and rushed over to it, feeling my boobs and my ass bouncing as I moved.

I looked in the mirror and recognized my new face. It was kind of an ugly face, the face of Tiffany.
“No… no! Oh my god! No!” I freaked out, freaking out even more after hearing Tiffany’s whiny voice come out of my mouth.

I paced the room, looking down at my chest, then looking away, nervously moving long hair out of my face. I passed the mirror, catching glimpses of my body and seeing how Tiffany’s huge ass makes me walk differently. I couldn’t take looking at my underwear ride between my cheeks, so I spotted a pair of leggings across the room and put them on. That’s when I realized I should text myself, since Tiffany was probably in my own body! I looked around the room and spotted a phone, and somehow I knew the password. As I searched through the contacts I found my name next to a heart. I realized Tiffany must have had a crush on me and at that point I start to feel butterflies in my stomach. I try to think of what to text her, but I’m afraid that I’ll annoy her. When I feel how nervous I am, I realize that I must be becoming more like Tiffany! I decide to send something before its too late.

“Hey :)” I said. Looking through the conversation it looks like for all the times she’s texted me I’ve only replied twice. Hopefully she’s nice than I was. I waited for several minutes in nervous anticipation for a response. Finally the phone buzzed.

“Morning, TIFFANY, finally awake huh? Like your new boobs? Lol!” She responded. My heart was totally aflutter, partly through embarrassment at the mention of my boobs, partly because I think I now had a crush on her… or me…

“Please change us back John!” I said, not even thinking about the fact that I was calling her by my name. Again, I waited several agonizing minutes for a text back.

“Find my tablet and get on skype with me. take your shirt off too, I want to see those big titties from this angle” it read. Seeing no other option, I searched around and found a tablet and put it on a table. Somehow I knew the password to this too. Before I called her, I nervously pulled my tank top over my head, letting my breasts fall free. From my nervousness my nipples were big and hard. I took a deep breath and called Tiffany. A moment later I saw my own male face appear on a video window. Tiffany was smiling wickedly. I stood, timid and uncomfortable with my tits hanging out waiting for him to say something.

“Don’t you want to feel them?” She asked in my deep voice. I slowly lifted my hands and started massaging them. The feeling felt good but I was scared, and it showed in my body language.

“Don’t stop. What do you want?” She asked.
“I want your body.” I said, meaning to say MY body, but too distracted by my nasal girlish voice to notice. She started laughing then pointed her camera over to Vanessa, who was still in bed with her.
“What do you think, Vanessa? Should I give it to her?” I heard her say as I saw Vanessa on the screen laughing. As soon as I saw this my face got read and I covered my chest with my arms.
“Oh my god Tiffany! You’re so pathetic! Wait til all the girls hear about this!” She laughed. I moved one arm toward the button to hang up, causing one breast to fall free. When I’d hung up, I was frozen in embarrassment. A few moments later the phone buzzed again and it was Tiffany.

“Got it all on video. Enjoy your new life Tiffany, cause its yours forever!” it read. I felt a knot in my throat form and tears well up in my eyes. Still topless, I threw myself onto my bed and started sobbing. Not only would I be an ugly unpopular GIRL for the rest of my life, but my crush literally hates my guts and soon the whole school will see that video.

A few minutes into my sobbing and I hear a knock on the door. It was Tiffany’s, now my, father.
“Everything okay sweety?” He said in his southern accent.
“Daddy why do boys have to be so mean?” I asked between sobs, the Tiffany side of my brain slowly but surely taking over.
“Oh, this is a ladies problem, isn’t it. Maybe I should go to work.”
“Just go!” I screamed, throwing a pillow at my door before burying my head back in my pillows. I didn’t want these boobs for the rest of my life, or this ass or this life or anything of this!


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