Dreams Come True (Part 2 of 2)

My hair started to tingle as it grew and transformed from short and brown to long blonde locks. Following this, my body hair receded into my skin as my arms and legs took on a more sexy, feminine shape. My skin then smoothed itself out, in the process rearranging my face into one that belonged to a hot Asian woman. My waist contracted as my butt grew out into a beautiful luscious ass. However, these weren’t even the best parts. My perpetual moaning increased in volume as my nipples felt a burning sensation, and out from my chest grew two beautiful bouncy breasts. At this point my moaning sounded like the most pleasurable sex noises you could ever hear, as my dick shot up for the last time. It then proceeded to turn in on my body, morphing itself into the sexiest vagina I had ever seen. I let out the loudest moan I had made thus far as I had my first female orgasm, my newly formed pussy squirting in ecstasy. My clothes transformed from a plain t-shirt, shorts and boxers to a hot black dress and cute panties. My moaning started to cease, as I finally regained control of myself.

Erika stopped pointing at me, taking a deep breath. “Man, it’s much harder doing it on a human…” She then turned her head to me. “Well? How is it? Did I do a good enough job?”

“Huh… I… what… how…?” I muttered in confusion.

“You see, Tyler,” she began to explain, “My family has the power to change anyone’s physical appearance, albeit only once per person. At a young age we learn to use our powers on rats and people who wanted modifications done to their bodies. We also have the option to re-write reality, as if they’ve always been this way. I did this so that only you, me, and my family will remember your life as a male.”

“Um… wow…” I said in awe, trying to understand what she just told me.

“Wait, you don’t like it? Oh no…”

“Are you kidding me? This is amazing! All of these sultry curves and new hormones make me feel like a new person! Not to mention my ravishing womanly features.” I told her as I gave my huge breasts a squeeze.

“Oh, awesome! I also made it so that you wouldn’t have periods, but would still be able to produce children. It’s a bit complicated, but trust me when I say it works! It’s a change done to every woman in my family.”

“Oh, that’s pretty cool!” I replied. I then remembered the entire reason Erika wanted to do this.

“Um, Erika… could we be-“

I was cut off by her jumping onto the bed and pulling me close to her. The sensation of our gorgeous breasts rubbing against each other was unreal.

“Take me, Taylor.” She exclaimed as I proceeded to have hot lesbian sex for the first time. Just us, two foxy lesbian Asian women, one brunette, and one blonde, in total euphoria, our dreams come true.


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