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Paradise Line

Writer’s Note: No, despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with trains. And yes Roaster, this is for you. Read more

Bonus Stage

Writer’s Note: I included a bunch of little nods to video games you might appreciate. And yes, technically the picture shows a European Mega Drive, not a Genesis. Read more

Dreams Come True (Part 2 of 2)

My hair started to tingle as it grew and transformed from short and brown to long blonde locks. Following this, my body hair receded into my skin as my arms and legs took on a more sexy, feminine shape. My skin then smoothed itself out, in the process rearranging my face into one that belonged to a hot Asian woman. My waist contracted as my butt grew out into a beautiful luscious ass. However, these weren’t even the best parts. My perpetual moaning increased in volume as my nipples felt a burning sensation, and out from my chest grew two beautiful bouncy breasts. At this point my moaning sounded like the most pleasurable sex noises you could ever hear, as my dick shot up for the last time. It then proceeded to turn in on my body, morphing itself into the sexiest vagina I had ever seen. I let out the loudest moan I had made thus far as I had my first female orgasm, my newly formed pussy squirting in ecstasy. My clothes transformed from a plain t-shirt, shorts and boxers to a hot black dress and cute panties. My moaning started to cease, as I finally regained control of myself. Read more

Dreams Come True (Part 1 of 2)

For as long I as could remember, I was best friends with a girl named Erika. We grew up together with our love of games, cartoons, and music drawing us together. She saw me mature from your average little boy to an average-looking and timid man, as I saw her mature from an average little girl to a super hot and ultra sexy woman with beautiful locks and bountiful breasts. As you might imagine, I eventually started developing a crush on her (albeit much later than most of our peers). However, as in all of these kinds of stories, there was a problem. Read more