Dream come true? Part 3

We were sharing a bath when i finally took back some modicum of control. The wedding, the honeymoon, the days and nights sharing my “husbands” bed, i remember it all. Apparently i’m called Emily now, married to Senator Jacob Barnes.

So of course i experiment with what i can do. My body won’t let me hurt him directly, but i can certainly take my displeasure in a more mild way, namely splashing the bathwater in his face, giving a little minx-like grin.

“Your’re a playful little thing today” he said, assuming his pretty little wife was playing about.
“Well, i guess we can spice things up with using your alternate functions. I always wondered how you would look blonde.”

It felt as if a switch had flicked in the back of my head and the strands covering my face turned yellow. The hell?

“Now lets see what else you could do with changing” he said with a leer.

Readers, what does he change?


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