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A New Life? :Awakening

I think i reacted appropriately to the situation. I mean, i’d like to see any of you respond to waking up one morning to discover you suddenly have a firm pair of breasts and have somehow switched genders whilst you slept. I’m also surprisingly hot…..nice. Read more

A New Life? : Shedding some light

Turns out all he wanted was to ogle my butt and tell me that i was accompanying him to a convention in a weeks time, in terms that sounded like he was giving me a choice. Better have separate rooms…. Read more

Dream come true? Part 3

We were sharing a bath when i finally took back some modicum of control. The wedding, the honeymoon, the days and nights sharing my “husbands” bed, i remember it all. Apparently i’m called Emily now, married to Senator Jacob Barnes. Read more

The Newer Model

I shouldn’t have accepted the beer, but when Uncle Tom offered me some, i wanted to make him feel better, have some fun and get over the fact that Aunt Debra had left him. Read more

Taking the shot.

It was meant to be my brother’s stag party. We’d had a few drinks, even had a stripper turn up and were off to the clubs to celebrate my siblings last night as a free man. Read more