Pleasantly Surprised

Kristen began to feel silly as she recited the of the supposed written spell that would give her the body she desired. She was 23 and had never really filled out and was just about ready to try anything, even magic from the internet.

She sat on her bed for a few minutes waiting for the changes to start and “Nothing…” she said with a huff. Getting up to start getting dressed she felt a tingle in her stomach, turning to a warmth that spread out to the rest of her body. Kristen felt light headed and fell to her knees on the bed, her red bra and panties felt tight, like they had shrunk in the wash.

“Weird. These seem to fit just a moment ago.” she said to herself as she looked down at the underwear that was starting to dig into her shoulders and hips. She started to feel warmer as she looked down her Cleavage. “Wait, I’ve never had cleavage before” and as though the magic were waiting for her to simply notice it accelerated, and in a moment her hips flared out and her ass bubbled and grew, but most incredibly her Tits Swelled in her hands. Passing B-cups, then C-cups D-cups and finally settling in the DD range. Kristen eagerly removed her now too small bra “HOLY SHIT! The spell actually worked!” Admiring her new curves she looked for the spell sheet she had dropped on the bed “I wonder what would happen if I read it twice?”


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