They’re So Big!!!

I’ve tried to talk my wife into getting breast implants for years and she always tells me that you wouldn’t like lugging all that extra weight around. One day we were having that same old discussion when she said “I tell you what.. If you can carry that extra weight around for a week and your back doesn’t hurt AND I don’t hear a complaint, then I’ll do it” I said ok, full well knowing that she couldn’t just make breasts appear. She said “Here ,put this necklace on…” I Said “Ok” full knowing that nothing would happen. WE both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through us. All of a sudden my hair started turning blonde and getting longer…my legs started slimming and looking very feminine. I exclaimed” What is happening…my voice!!!…It sounds so…like YOURS!!! I started breathing heavily as I could feel my chest expanding…I went up to her B cup …but they kept growing…up to a C cup…and they kept growing all the way up to a DDD cup!!! OMG!!! They are so HUGE!!! About that time, I felt my dick suck into my body and become a vagina. I ‘ve been so wrapped up in my changes that I just noticed my wife had changed into a copy of me! She said ” I used the medallion of Zulo on us and we will stay like this for a week. Then we will see who win the bet”.


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