Double point of view

[My point of view]Might be hard to believe, but ever since I can remember I have had the power to control women’s mind. I just have to tell them a phrase, and they will do everything I want. I know its cliche, but all I say is “you are under my control”, and that’s it, the girl will do everything and anything I ask her to do. Take my coworker Olivia here, she was watching her figure, and no matter how many times I ask her, she didn’t want to go on a date with me. So, I tried my mind control abilities on her, and she started acting quite different. “I am soooo hungry” she said, and started eating cookies like it had been months she had eaten a thing. “So… want to have sex with me?” I asked her, “just a second, let me finish these cookies” she said, after she was done eating, she jumped on my arms, and we had sex right there at the office.

I don’t know how it works, but everytime it does work.

[From her point of view] “Oh shit, here he comes again” I thought, when I saw John walking towards me. He’s always asking me out, and I don’t know how to explain it to him, but I am not into men. “Hey Olivia” he said, to which I just replied “hey” and turned around. He then said a few words and everything changed. “Olivia, you are under my control”. I felt like my soul was being sucked out, and replaced with a different one. I realized I wasn’t Olivia, I was John in Olivia’s body. “This isn’t what I expected” I thought, “I didn’t mean to possess her, I meant for her to be attracted to me”.

I felt my stomach empty as hell, “wow this girl is killing herself by not eating” I thought, “I am soooo hungry” I said, and grabbed some cookies. I had forgotten all about John, but he then asked me, “So… want to have sex with me?”. At that moment I realized how the mind control thing worked. I wasn’t actually controlling minds, I was possessing people. And the real John was clueless of what was happening. “Just a second, let me finish these cookies” I told him, while I got the courage to have sex from this perspective. After I finished the last cookie, I jumped in John’s arms, and wrapped my legs around him. It was about to be my first time as a girl, and I was already wet. I ripped his clothes off, and we had sex right there at the office.


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