Trying to flex his biceps was useless when his arms were pencil thin, Cameron decided. So much for pumping himself up for this new experience. He sighed in resignation and adjusted his hair in the mirror.

That’s when his little sister Danielle burst in and said: “Cam, Cam! The guys are pulling up in their cars and I’m ready and when are you gonna—” She stopped, giggled, and whistled admiringly, circling around to inspect every inch of him. Cameron felt ridiculous and exposed in his red dress, so he blushed deep red and toyed with his hair.

“Dani,” he said, sitting down dejectedly, “I…I don’t think I can do this double-date thing, and I feel so ashamed. You might think this is funny, but—” Cameron felt tears start welling up uncontrollably until he felt Danielle’s arms around him in a warm sisterly hug. “Huh?” he said, wiping at his eyes.

Danielle just smiled softly and said: “I’m sorry Cammy, I shouldn’t have laughed. I must admit that I did find it funny at first: big, macho Cameron in a red dress and matching heels. But most of my laughter comes from the pleasure of seeing you look so good after so short a time. I know that the Role Exchanger took a lot away from you; but it also gave you some good things, don’tcha think? You’re beautiful, Sis. I’ve always wanted a big sister.”

Cameron hugged his sister back and smoothed his dress. “Thanks, Dani,” he said as he retouched his makeup. “I feel better now. Let’s go see what those guys have to offer—and if they don’t treat us like ladies tonight, well….” He clenched his left fist and arm. “…We’ll hafta show ’em the hard way.”

Danielle squealed in delight. “Yes sister, let’s go out on the town, c’mon!”


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