Always loved boobs

“How can you be smiling?” An exasperated Mark asked as he peered in the rear view mirror, seeing Chris sitting there with a grin on his pretty new face, “that wizard took your fucking manhood!”

Chris shrugged and looked down, “Yeah, but look at these fucking things.” Chris said and tugged his t-shirt up, exposing his large bust and the magic bra the wizard had given him that had caused the whole change. “They are awesome!” Chris said and squished them a bit with his hands before going into a full on grope.

“Nnnghh…” Chris groan quietly. That combined with the face he made in the mirror almost made Mark crash the van.

“Wa- Was that even real?” Mark asked as he straightened the van.

“Dude, I always loved boobs and now I’ve got my own pair. I’m really not that upset.” Chris replied and smiled, staring at his own boobs with a giant grin.

Mark tried to focus on the road ahead. He had to admit, he couldn’t remember the last time he saw his buddy smile like that…


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