Double life (Prize. part 2)

Since the day i tried on the bodysuit for the first time i started to wear it everyday. You can say i started to live a double life. At work i was my normal boring self but as soon as i get home i put on the suit and continue my day as a woman until it’s time to go to sleep. I don’t like when i need to take it off but i can’t go to work like this. I don’t know why but it just feels much better when i’m a woman. I started to buy all sorts of feminine clothing and lingerie. I like to look pretty.

That’s how it started. I made a new persona for me when i’m a woman. My name was Stacy and i often went out to meet some new people. But i need to be carefull so my secret won’t be exposed. Recently i started to sleep in the bodysuit and one day when i woke up i followed my morning routine. It was before i got into my car i noticed the suit was still on. I even dressed myself properly for the job. I was wearing tights, pencil skirt, a white blouse and a blazer. That was a close one. I had to go back and take it off.

Thats all for now. I’m going to get some sleep, of course in my suit. I can’t put to waste the cute nightie i bought yesterday. I just need to focus in the morning so i won’t repeat the last mistake. Oh i just wish i could wear it for longer.


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