Dominate Husband to Submissive Wife

Hank was using his big strong male body to dominate his new wife Trisha. She gazed upon him in upset as he once again forced himself on her, forcing her to suck his huge penis! But oh, how soon the wind can change, and change it did!

The Great Shift hit, and suddenly Hank was no longer in his dominant strong male body! In fact, his was in his dominated female wife’s body now! Consider it poetic justice, as he was now the one on his knees with his mouth full of his own former penis! His eyes had the same horrified look his wife had when he force himself upon her, only this time that look was because of another reason! It was the look of utter stunned disbelief as he was tasting his own penis and looking up at his own former male body, from his wife’s sexy female body!

His wife got an evil grin in his old body, realizing the situation that presented itself an opportunity for her to get him back, despite her shock at being a dude suddenly, her own husband! She grabbed her former body’s head, pulled it in to her new cock by the long hair.

“Now you’re my WIFE, my how the tables have turned there Hank, or should I call you TRISHA now? How does it feel to be the dominated one now? How does it taste to suck your own cock? How does it feel to have boobs and a pussy now, no longer the one in control, your former body now in charge with me in it,” said the new male Trisha from Hank’s former body.

Hank in her body just mumbled stuffed with cock, and eventually Trisha came in her new male body shooting a huge load into Hank’s new mouth and down his throat! She then pushed him away, calling him a little slutty wife. Hank screamed, now in Trisha’s body, and having tasted her own former manhood in the process!


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