Doing the Dishes Was Never More Fun

Jack hated doing the dishes, especially when he got in one of his lazy moods. One day outside the kitchen window, a strange fairy passed by, and as Jack had the window open, she spoke directly to him.

“Don’t be blue doing the dishes, I’ll make you a dish yourself, so you can have more fun doing them,” said the fairy, mischievous as she was.

Jack rubbed his eyes wondering if he was hallucinating, and thought he was when she was gone when he looked out again. He shut the window, just in case there were anymore hallucinations, and continued with the dish sprayer. Suddenly he felt a tingle, and then another, then he instantly morphed into an ultra busty thick curvaceous babe. In his mind he heard the fairy’s voice as he gazed at his twin weights in shock, and found a mound and clean shaven slit below where his once proud member and two helpers were below earlier.

“Now you are a dish, babe, now you’ll have fun with doing the dishes, especially with that sprayer, Miss Jizzabelle Juggs,” said the fairy’s voice before it was gone from his new head.

Suddenly he found himself sitting on the counter with the sprayer in his dainty manicured left hand, watering his new equipment below, as he was hefting his right boob, tasting it with his tongue through his now thick bright red painted lips. He was now Jizzabelle Juggs and with the pleasure she was receiving, doing the dishes was never more fun as a hot “dish” herself. Just wait until she finds out the fairy did more than changed her body, turning her into large natural busted dominatrix with a string of male clients and her own site. The passing by fairy never messes around when it comes to fun, although her version of fun is not what many expect.


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