Dees Are So Beeg

“Dees are so beeg,” said Jeffry in his new accent, after his angry ex-girlfriend turned him into a busty foreign woman.

Her intention was to make Jeffry pay for cheating on her with multiple foreign exchange students by turning him into a foreign babe himself, and by getting him deported.

“You like slutty foreign chicks with big boobs and thick accents so much, Jenaveve La’ Ro, well now you can be one. I’m getting you deported to France, and with your new urges, I’m sure you’ll love being with many Frenchmen. Bon voyage, Jenaveve,” said Jessica laughing as she slammed the door leaving the new Jenaveve to assess the situation, or better yet two new large situations as she lifted her stretched out new t-shirt to reveal her massive natural breast, unencumbered by a bra of any kind to even support their massive weight.

Jenaveve looked down feeling the new soft long hair around her face and shoulders, seeing the long lashes in her vision, felling the tight thong panties pulling up into her new slit, and of course the tremendously heavy and tremendously sensitive new breasts now protruding from her soft hair free new chest. Her thick lips were open aghast.

“I con’t believes dis, what deed she do to me, send me to Fronce? Deport me? Am I some kind of zee French slut now? Why am I thinking of zee beeg strong Frenchmen now? Somebodee, has to helps me, ooh French cocks, ooh, somebody help mee,” said Jenaveve in her new strong accent, but it was no use, and soon she would be sent to France to deal with her new cravings in a foreign country, permanently as a foreign promiscuous woman for the rest of her days.


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