Ryana, the New Girl #2

“Good morning sweetie!” I awoke to my eyes filled with something blue. It was kind of high up and moving as the pillow beneath me shifted. My head moved lightly as I groaned lightly. I feel a slim hand pet my head. As my eyes focus, I see the pretty blonde I met previously staring down at me, still made up and a knockout as can be.

I could feel my face flush red, I was resting on her lap!? Ok, this is better than any pillow but yet I wondered how I even got into this position. The slight buzz in my head was fading, becoming more and more aware. I felt some hair tingle my nose. Was it hers? I tried to blow it but it didn’t move, I went to bat it away when I felt a tug. My hands, more like my wrists, were firmly behind my back and I couldn’t move them. I felt them under my back.

“Yeah, just a precaution….kinda don’t need ya freaking out on me like I’m sure you’re going to without some well, restraints.” She bites her lip a bit nervously. The blonde hottie reaches down and helps me sit up almost effortlessly, despite her being rather thin, and wasn’t she…smaller? As soon as I’m propped up I feel a heavy flop on my chest, pulling me forward into a bit of a hunch.

“Argh” I whine lightly at the sudden pain of the tug that I’m not used to. Wait, was that a groan or a girlish eek I heard? My breathing quickens as I turn my head down to my body. I’m immediately greeted by two major and round pushes from my shirt, which looks entirely too big all of a sudden.

“Now now, don’t be scared sweetie.” I feel her slim fingers, although now they feel a lot bigger than they did yesterday when I walked her to my place, massage my shoulders. Speaking of, my shoulders feel really far back and tight compared to before.

“What the hell!?” The girlish voice escapes my lips again as I tug furiously at whatever is holding my hands behind my back. The blondie sighs and grabs my upper arms and pulls me still. I oof lightly at her surprising strength to hold me still. I see my legs hanging over my couch, flopping inside my oversized jeans.

“Look, let me explain ok?” She rolls her eyes a bit, more annoyed at the whole situation than anything else it seems.

“You damn well better, why am I a-” I shriek but get a firm hand around my mouth from her.

“I said let me explain!” She huffs. “I don’t need a lady’s scream causing problems ok? I’m about as close to a succubus as they get here, more or less. I feed on essences, my particular…deficiency…is of the male kind. Long story short, I feed on that. Normally that’s not a problem.” She phews lightly as I roll my eyes at that, she gives me a swift glare as a result. “However, when I began to, well, feed, yours was…quite nasty.” She made a disgusted face. “Also, you didn’t have a lot, like, way lower than any guy I’ve done so far. So to fill the need I kinda…used all of yours resulting in you being, well, this.” I give her as angry a glare as I can muster and squirm mightily. She can’t be serious…right?

I try to yell at her but she immediately cuts me off from my muffles, “So I totally feel bad ok, was a total accident, honest!” I somehow don’t believe her. “And since I’m so nice, I’m going to do what I can to help, but only if you’re like, totally not a bitch about it ok?” I exhale through my nose firmly.

“Promise to be a good girl for me, ok?” She flutters her eyes and I’m hit with a bit of pangs in my chest again, almost like when I first met her. I nod slowly, I guess getting mad at her right now would only make things worse. “Good girl, ok, I guess first is to get you changed, can’t have you in that stuff, I went and got clothes while you were totally out of it.”

Ok, things still got worse…


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