New God XIII

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
(Discovered my powers & changed Mr. Huxley into a Miss & fucked her)
(Absorbed Eve Wilkins’ memories & punished two bullies)
(Granted Sophia’s wish to be a woman & did the same to myself)
(Got my parents back together & gave my brother a girlfriend)
(Punished the basketball team & masturbated wmini-Mike)
(Became Miss Infinity then fucked Mary while Mike fucked giant Petra)
(Gave Mike Petra’s memories & Aphrodite introduced herself to me)
(Aphrodite shows off to prove her point & I wreck a man’s life for fun)
(Michelle is raped by Aphrodite while I reveal myself to Mary)
(Michelle masturbates in the shower, I finish recruiting Mary)
(I fuck my three mortals, start feeling like a god, we move to Vegas)
(I travel in time, restore Rebecca, and she chooses to stay freely)

I decided we could use a little jacuzzi time while Rebecca was off sorting her feelings out. Only I had a bit of a wrinkle. I created a jacuzzi in the middle of one of the most busy spots in Vegas, right on the strip, where we could people watch, and the three of us appeared in the jacuzzi naked.

“Eeek!” Mary screamed as she covered herself. Michelle was a little slower with it, but also covered herself, seemingly more out of imitation than her own need.

“Look around. No one can perceive you. We’re naked right in front of them and they aren’t reacting.” I said. Mary looked and noticed the pattern. It was one of my go to moves, I’ve gotten quite good at it.

“They can’t see us?” she asked, waving furiously at a passer-by and getting no reaction from him.

“They see, but they can’t notice. It’s like, have you ever watched a show for a second time and something happened in the background you completely didn’t see the first time? It was there, your eyes saw it, but your brain didn’t? It’s like that.” I explained. And so, reluctant at first, we all got comfortable basking in the morning sun, stark naked, in public.

Mary started to get pretty turned on by this. “God, it feels like I’m being so naughty being naked in public.” She began kissing me, and fondling my cock. Mary was getting extra turned on.

Michelle stood up out of the water and posed, and and danced for passersby. She catcalled to some of them, offering a free fuck, but of course they didn’t respond. She thought it was hilarious.

But it was Mary who was really responding. She got me to lay back, and with no prompting at all, she began chugging my cock. She looked up at the people, and at me, then back at the people. She took her mouth off for a moment to say “If my mother could see me with a boy’s dick in my mouth, I’d be grounded until the end of time. And yet, here I am, letting all these people see it. Sort of.” Then she yelled as loud as she could at the crowd “I LOVE THIS MAN’S COCK!” and then returned to giving me head.

Michelle felt left out, came over and began stroking my shaft while Mary worked the head of my dick. “Your mother wouldn’t see you with a BOY’S dick in your mouth, and you don’t love a MAN’S cock, you love this GOD’S cock.” I was really starting to get off on them calling me god all the time.

“God, I know this is a weird request, but can you let them see us, then undo that after? I WANT them to see how much I love your cock!” Mary asked. I told her I could and then did.

The crowd gasped in astonishment. I had exempted anyone younger than 16. Parents didn’t know that though and began hiding the eyes of their kids, and dragging them away. Some wondered if this was some kind of act or performance art. Some didn’t care, and just loved seeing three sexy people fucking in a pool in public. Some yelled at us to stop. Some cops tried to stop us, but anyone who go within 2 feet of the pool I made turn and run away. Not out of fear, they just turned and ran away.

As Michelle continued to work my shaft, she kept telling me nice things. How much she liked my balls, my chest, my facial stubble, and so on. I decided to reward both of them. I made Mary’s lips and the insides of her mouth as sensitive as a clit so that every time she bobbed her head on me, she got pleasure too. And I similarly made Michelle’s hand sensitive, so the more she stroked me the more she got off.

“Woah!” Michelle said. “That’s good stuff!” It wasn’t long before I came hard in Mary’s mouth. She enthusiastically swallowed every drop. The girls hadn’t cum, so I reached down, with one hand on each of their pussies I gave them a fingering that led to a couple nice god-gasms. It was quite a sight seeing a man making two girls cum so hard with one hand on each. And I made everyone who saw this, ignore it. I didn’t make them forget, I just made them think it was some daydream or fantasy they cooked up in their minds.

As we basked in the afterglow, watching people walk by, I got an idea. “Let’s screw with the tourists.” I said. I started the pattern, I would let the girls pick who to mess with. I would make that person (or persons) walk up to us, tell us about themselves, usually personal, intimate details. Sometimes fantasies, sometimes fears, or maybe hidden shames. And I would base what I did to them on that.

Michelle seemed more keen to play, whereas Mary just kept playing with my now flaccid cock. Michelle would see this and join in from time to time, but she was actually enjoying the game.

Our first contestant was a man in his late 20s who had come to Vegas to get married, only to have his fiancée leave him at the altar because she discovered that he had fucked one of the bridesmaids earlier that day. I made it so that when he got naked for anyone, man or woman, they would become viscerally disgusted with him. Nausea, uncontrollable vomiting, the whole 9 yards. This would even happen if he saw his OWN naked body.

Second contestant was a woman who admitted to us that she was racist against pretty much everybody. Seriously, she listed off who she hated and I was left wondering who she DIDN’T hate. So, naturally, I made it so she could only fuck the kinds of people she hates for the rest of her life. Anyone she didn’t hate would refuse to be with her.

Third was a couple. They told us that they were in Vegas because their marriage was stale and they were near divorce, which they didn’t want to do because they had a kid. And so I swapped their genitals. The woman now had a dick, the man a pussy. Otherwise they appeared the same gender as before. This one confused Mary a bit, who still wasn’t quite in the habit of just accepting that I can do anything.

“So is the girl putting sperm in the guy now? What happens if the guy gets pregnant? He doesn’t have a full uterus does he? And hips and muscles wise, a man can’t deliver a baby, can he? And the hormones? Does the guy get a period?” she rattled off questions.

“Yes. Same as normal. Yes, he does. I made it so he can. Taken care of. And yes, he’ll have periods and she’ll have morning wood and all that.” I said, rattling off answers.

“Well, their sex life won’t be boring anymore.” Michelle giggled.

We did this for quite awhile. Michelle called it ‘answering prayers’. But Mary in particular just kept seeming a little overwhelmed, so I asked her about it.

“I just…all of this is SO different. I mean, I love it, but I come from a pretty orthodox religious family. Do you know how much trouble I got into when I tried to wear a skirt that didn’t reach my knees? And here I am, naked, sucking dick in public, and all of this…my head is spinning.” she said.

“I guess it can seem like a lot. If your upbringing was that conservative, can I ask, why did you decide to come with us? You saw me changing sex, and calling myself a god…which had got to sound like blasphemy. And I admitted to you in advance that I was perverted. Hell, I think I’m more perverted now with Jeff’s memories in me.” I asked.

“No, it’s BECAUSE of all of that I came with you! I’ve been so repressed all this time. Be a good girl. Home on time. Straight A student. No cussing. Do as you’re told. Be ladylike. Only pick a boyfriend who was willing to wait. When you gave me an option, I jumped at it because it was a chance to escape. I’ve never been happier! It’s just…it’s just so much so fast.” she said.

“Maybe we should slow down a little. Take a moment to reconnect to some normalcy.” I said, pondering what to do. And then I got a text. It was from Rebecca. She was asking me to make goodbye sex between her and a friend special. “Hey girls, Rebecca’s decided to stay with us, she’s just going to spend a little time with friends before returning.” I said as I visualized Rebecca and her friend being insanely aroused by each other and their every touch being pleasurable.

“Here’s what we’re going to do, girls. We’re going home for the rest of today. I’m going to send you both to your bedrooms. Hang around with family, or other friends. Do what you would do on a Saturday afternoon. If you want to talk to anybody about this, you can. I’ll give you the same deal I gave Rebecca. Anybody you talk to about this will believe you, but as soon as the conversation is over, they’ll forget anything supernatural you told them about. Being with me doesn’t mean losing touch with the rest of the world.” I said.

And so, the jacuzzi game ended. I sent the girls home, clothed and dry, and went home myself.


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