Day of Revenge

“Please” whispered Paul while he was rubbing Markus cock as fast as possible.

During his time in highschool Markus was always bullied and pushed around by Paul. Even after his graduation he got nightmares of Paul beating and tormenting him. He was so desperate to get rid of his fears that he studied the dark arts.
First he just wanted the the nightmares stop. But as longer he was reading about how powerful magic can be, his desire to take revenge on Paul was growing. He wanted Paul to feel how it is to be helpless. How it is to be tormented.

And today was the day of his revenge.
When Paul opened the door, Markus smiled. “Paul, long time no see!” “Markus?” Paul was confused. He didn’t expected to see Markus ever again. A little part of him was ashamed for what did in his teenage years and he didn’t want to remembered about it. So instead of inviting Paul into his apartment, he switched to his old behavior hoping to frighten Markus away as qucik as possible. “Why are you here? Did you miss my big strong hands?”, he said while shake his fist on Markus.
But Markus keeped smiling. “Looks like you still haven’t grown out of highschool. Probably someone should send you back.” He chanted ancients words and Pauls body started to shrink. His skin became smooth. His hips whidened. His Hair grew longer. Small breast grew on his chest while his clothes changed. Thee last change Paul feeled was his dick shrinking and his balls getting sucked into his body forming a young vagina. Paul has turned into a young teenage girl.

Markus pushed Paul into his apartment and closed the door behind him. “What happened? What have you done to me?”, Paul screamed in his new girly voice. “I just gave you what you deserve.” Markus replied. Paul looked on his body. He was frightend. “Please, you can’t do that Markus. Please, turn me back.” he begged to Paul. “I’m sorry what I did to you. I’m so sorry!” Markus just smiled and set down on the couch.
“Well, if you feel so sorry. I will give you a chance.” He opened his pants and put his cock out. Markus had made some improvement to it. Now his cock was massive and can last as long as he want to.
“If you can get me off within ten minutes using these big strong hands of your’s, I will reverse it”
Paul grabbed desperatly for Markus cock and started to pump his hand as fast as he could. “Ten minutes. That’s possible.”, he thought.
But eight minutes have passed and Markus haven’t shown any sign to come soon. But Paul didn’t want to lose his hope.
Markus smiled. This was just the beginning of Paul’s torture and he was enjoying it.


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