Glen was not a risk taker. At every stage of his life, before every decision big or small, he would compile data before leaping into a choice. His research was meticulous: when he bought his first car at the age of 17 he had memorized every possible statistic about the model he chose and spent six months compiling price comparisons for every seller within 100 miles of his home. This obsessive tic was not one that endeared him to his peers and certainly not to women.

But then he met Molly, a fellow freshman in his Biology class. Most 19 year-old men might begin dating a pretty girl their age by asking her out — or even introducing themselves. But Glen was not most 19 year-olds. Within a week of seeing her he had every password and log-in detail he required and had begun to amass nearly a terabyte worth of data on Molly Astrid Bowman. He was ready for stage two.

Getting ahold of a DNA sample was difficult. Hair follicles would not be enough for his machine if he was to get a clear reading. Fortunately, the access codes to Molly’s doctor’s office were part of the evidence which he had amassed. Breaking in at night and obtaining a sample of her blood was just another routine step in courtship for Glen.

When he got home, he immediately went to his garage and locked the door. Removing the padlock from the fridge, he took out the almost empty bottle of genetic tissue primer which he had been drinking daily for the last three weeks and brought it to his desk. While he attempted to swallow the last of the bluish grey sludge, he sent an email to his course director letting them know that he would be taking a leave of absence for a week and attaching the entirety of his coursework which he had done in advance. He could feel a burning behind his eyes and his stomach was churning badly: his body was ready.

He removed the vial with the blood sample from his bag and placed it in the input tray of the machine. The display went green — it should work. He began to remove his clothes as he set the parameters of the gamma ray emitters which surrounded the basin of the machine. He stepped in and brought the remote with him, activating the faucet which began to flood the basin with a transparent activating solvent. He lay back and waited as the liquid rose to cover his body. He took a deep breath and raised the remote to his face. His thumb hovered for a moment before coming down on the button. Glen immediately lost consciousness.

When he woke, he was very confused. He lay on his back staring at the ceiling of his garage as he heard liquid wash around him. His chest was cold. He looked down and nearly jumped out of his skin. Two round breasts pushed out of the water beneath his chin, blocking his view of the rest of him. His eyes raced around the room as events began to come back to him. His heart rate started to return to normal as he pushed himself up on his elbows. His breasts moved with him, their nipples firm and thick. He watched as they rose and fell with each deep breath he took. He felt a stirring warmth between his legs.

The moment of panic was over. Back to research. He reached to the table beside the basin of the machine for the smallest of the three vibrators. He lay back and spread his legs, finding his small and inviting pussy opening up and ready to receive. Time to compile more data.


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