Penis envy

“Sigmund Freud was right,” Will muttered to himself as he eyed the cock waving before his eyes and bit his lips.

As a first-year college Psych major, Will had openly disdained Dr. Freud’s theories about sex and dreams. “They’re just the ravings and cravings of a penis-obsessed old man,” he’d said over pints of beer. But after crossing a witch who took away his dick and balls and left him in the shapely form of a college coed, Will found that he simply couldn’t stop thinking of male appendages.

With one hand fingering between his own legs, Will began stroking the manly bulge in front of him and felt it spring hard in response. Staring at it, he wondered, “Do I have penis envy?” His reveries were interrupted when the man unzipped his fly and thrust his hot member into William’s mouth.

“Mmph, mmm, ohh!” William cried, taking in every inch. The sucking and fucking would go on all night until William was finally satisfied with his share of penis.


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