Cursed siblings.

“Ugh, i cant believe it happened to me, it’s so gross” Jane said from her younger brother’s body. “Hey! You’re not the one to talk. I’m also stuck like this” Bryan said disgruntled to be in his sister’s body. “It’s your fault” She blamed him. “My fault? I wasn’t the one making scenes in public” Bryan was getting angry. “You started it” Jane yelled back.

Bryan and Jane were always arguing since childhood and they didn’t stop even when they have grow up. Jane was 26 and Bryan 21 but they still acted like kids when they were together. One day when they were at the mall looking for a present for their mother’s birthday they ended up quarrelling as always. A passing by witch heard their wrangle amd decided to teach them a lesson. She put a curse on them which made them swap bodies. The curse will end only when they will get along with each other but for now it seems like it won’t happen soon.
“This is pointless. We won’t get anywhere like this” Jane said. “Now you’ve noticed” Bryan snarled. “Stop being an asshole, alright. And put some pants on, my husband is getting back soon” she reminded him. “Do i look like a person who cares what your husband thinks?” Bryan didn’t want to put on anymore of her clothes. Wearing her panties was enough for him to bear. “Stop being so stubborn! Should i remind you that you are in my body now and until you’re in my body you will dress and act like me so shut up and put those damn pants on!” Jane lost her patience. “Alright alright. Jeez, you don’t need to yell like that” Bryan got up and went to her closed. Jane was slowly calming down. “Damn it. If things will keep up like this we will never get our bodies back” Jane didn’t knew yet how true her words were. Even as each other they didn’t get along and they never swapped their bodies back


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