Waiting for the evening

Eric wandered around the room nervously checking the clock. “This should never have happened. What the hell am i doing?” he asked himself. This whole situation was unbelievable, everything felt out of place. The smooth material of the nightgown touching his skin, the nylon pantyhose tightly warped around his legs, the breasts hanging out from his chest, it all felt unreal but this was the reality Eric had to face now.

It all started when Eric’s football training was canceled. Whitout anything to do he decided to go to his girlfriend Annie. Annie wasn’t home but her mother Susan invited him in. Eric walked inside and sat on the couch in the living room where Annie’s little sister Ellie was watching cartoons. Susan offered some snacks, which Eric gladly accepted, Little bit later Eric decided to help her so he went to the kitchen but at the same time Susan was leaving and they bumped into eachother. Eric’s head was spining from the impact so hard that he had to hold on to something. When everything had stabilized Eric noticed something odd. “What is this?” Eric said noticing he’s wearing the same sweater Susan had today. Beneath it was something that created two round bulges on it, also he felt much smaller. He rised his head and before him he saw himself staring back. “Holy shit!” Eric jumped. “Eric? Is that you in there?” his body had spoken. “This can’t be… I can’t be… I…” Eric didn’t know what to say as he looked at his feminine hands. His Heart was pounding so fast he grabbed his chest but when he realized he’s squishing Susan’s breast he immediately put his hand down, blushing from embarrassment.

After the situation calmed down a bit they started to think how to reverse it. “If we swapped bodies by bumping maybe we should try again” Eric suggested. They tried a few times but the only thing they got from it was a headache. “I can’t concentrate right now, i will go to your house and try to figure out something in peace. You stay here and try your best to act like me”. Susan said. “Is there anything i should know?” Eric asked. “Well there is something that i need to do this evening, and if we won’t swap back till then you will need to take care of it in my place” Susan said a little bit embarrassed. “What is it?” Eric was getting worry. “Well, today is our anniversary and i promised my husband a night full of plesure” She giggled. “No! there is no way i could…” Eric was unable to finish when Susan interrupted him. “Listen, i also don’t like the idea of you and my husband in bed, but i won’t let you ruin our evening. If you won’t do it i will make you regret” Susan sounded very serious. Eric gulped. “What i should do?” Eric asked. Susan gave Eric a few hints about her life and behavior and some tips on how to plesure her husband. Then she provided him with the clothes he will wear for the evening and left the house. Eric was praying she will find a solution before her husband comes back but the time flowed relentlessly and there were no calls from Susan. Soon her husband will be home so Eric went to her bedroom and dressed in the lingerie she left him. He waited for his soon to be lover, still with a small hope that Susan will be back soon. Meanwhile in Eric’s house Susan gave up. She tried to look for the smallest clues but she only found fiction stories about body swapping. It looks like instead of swapping back they will have to figure out how to live as each other


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