Saying “no”

When my sister say “no”, it means “no”. I think when a japanese girl talk to you in english, you should understand. But american tourist like you always thought japanese girl never says “no” and are obedient for anything. Well what about now? After i transformed you into one of the obedient japanese girl you love so much? I don’t hear you saying no while i fuck your tight pussy. Maybe you were not meant to be a man after all, maybe i give you your true form by changing you. You keep don’t saying anything. I’m pretty sure, deep down, you know i’m right. So what about becoming my little sex pet? If you tell me you want it, i can make this spell permanent you know? I’m sure my sister will be very happy to have a new friend and learn you how to be a good japanese girl. She always want someone to go shopping with. So, what do you say Julian? Ors should i say Harumi? its suit you so well.

A tiny “yes” escaped from the lips of Harumi, in both shame and arousal to giving up her old life just to become the pet of this man. She felt the spell sealing her form for the rest of her life as she experienced her first climax as a japanese girl.


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