Cum On Baby!

“Come on baby, haven’t you forgiven me yet?! So I lied to you about cheating on you with Belinda Biggs? YOU lied about not being a witch!” Brian whimpered as he (now SHE) braced herself against the walls near the restrooms in the mall.
“I’m only a witch when I’m pissed off… and don’t you mean ‘Belinda Big-Boobs’?” Brian’s girlfriend, Katie, teased in reply. She laughed at the newly female Brian’s enormously engorged breasts were doing a number on her balance, as well as her back. She tried to ignore the semen smeared across nearly every orifice.
“I said I’m sorry, okay? It was just one time! Look, I did what you said, okay? I used my hands, my mouth, my boobs, my ass, my… pussy… everything to make all the guys in the men’s room cum… inside me. As you can see, like you said, all the jizz went to my boobs. It was SO humiliating! Are we even now? Can you PLEASE change me back like you promised? These things are heavy!” Brian begged, nearly in tears.
“Sure, sure, you’ve had enough.” Katie answered as she smiled wickedly. She raised her hand up, preparing to snap her magical fingers. “Then again, I don’t actually do magic all that often, so I might be a little rusty.” She teased, oozing sarcasm. “Hope I get the spell right…” She said as she winked at Brian and snapped her fingers. Suddenly, Brian shook her head, shuddering as a strange feeling washed over her. The feeling off her whole life being changed.

Brianna Biggs told her friend Katie to go on and keep shopping without her because she was supposed to meet up with this totally hot guy. She hoped that the guy had plenty of hot friends because “Brianna Big-Boobs” was in the mood to put her slutty sister Belinda to shame.


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