Last night must have been quite a bender. My whole body aches, I have a bad taste in my mouth, like I threw up all night. I must have drank my ass off. And that is not all, I swear I can feel the cold wind on my body. I openned my eyes, and realized I was resting on the fire escape balcony of the 5th floor. No wonder I was feeling cold. I noticed I was wearing nylons, “wow, that must have been some party” I said outloud. Not paying attention to my off sounding voice. “What kind of girl would ask me to wear her clothes?” I asked myself. I looked down, looking for something to cover myself up. I rubbed my eyes after seeing breasts sticking off my chest. “what the?” I said. I reached further down, and realized my thing was gone too. I felt my long hair move with the wind. I started to panic, “this can’t be real, must be a dream” I kept telling myself.

I grabbed the coat that I had on my lap, and wore it. I knocked at the window, “help” I yelled. But no one answered. I walked down the fire escape. Almost falling down several times, “how can girls walk on heels?” I asked myself. As I was about to cross the street, a car stopped right infront of me, “Crystal, there you are” the driver said. I didn’t know if he was speaking to me. “Come on, get in” he said while openning the door. I hopped in.

“I hope you got paid good money last night” the man said. I didn’t know what he was talking about. But I looked for money inside the coat’s pocket. It had easily more than a thousand dollars. “I guess so” I said. He took the money out of my hands, and gave me back a hundred. “You are my favorite one Crystal” he said. I was coming to the realization I was in the body of a hooker. But last night, I was a man, what could have happened?. I tried to remember last night, but the truth, I couldn’t remember my life for the past two years or so. It was all a blur.

“I am not Crystal” I said. “Oh sorry, Crystal, the mind conditioning must be wearing down” he said. He then said some words, and in a couple of minutes I felt like Crystal again. “So, you know, the sun hasn’t come up yet, I might be able to get another client” I told my boss. He dropped me off, and I stood on the corner of the street, ready to show another guy a good time. Maybe one of those blowjobs I am so good at.


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